A Better Future for Refugee Kids

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At RISE Tutoring, we believe that every refugee child should have access to the resources and opportunities they require to grow as students and human beings. We provide one-on-one tutoring for students in the subject areas with which they struggle most, whether that be math, spelling, reading, writing, history, science, or foreign languages. Our mission is to ensure that our students receive the individualized help they need to succeed academically.

There are many refugee tutoring programs across the Phoenix Metro Area, but what makes RISE Tutoring unique is that mentorship is the foundation upon which we've built our program. From the start, we recognized the importance of fostering long-term bonds between tutors and students, and mentorship has now become woven into the fabric of our organization. We plan fun and engaging activities, events, and field trips for our students which encourage them to build close relationships with RISE tutors outside of a formal academic setting. Most importantly, we carefully select compassionate and dedicated tutors who we know can provide consistent emotional support to our kids through the hardships they face as refugees.

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