It all started with some ASU students who cared…


RISE Tutoring began in May 2013 as a student initiative to change the lives of refugee youth. When an ASU student was contacted by the American Muslim Women’s Association about refugee children who needed help in school, she gathered a group of fellow ASU students to tutor out of the kids’ homes. Eventually, the program was founded as an ASU student organization and given its name: Refugee Integration, Stability, and Education—RISE, for short. It began to recruit new ASU students, and started tutoring out of a Chandler mosque, Masjid es Salaam. As the organization continued to grow, it took the opportunity to move to AMWA’s office in Mesa, where it found its permanent home. RISE Tutoring expanded to Papago Elementary School in the spring of 2017, where it has worked to develop a robust curriculum aimed at addressing its students’ educational challenges. The organization now consists of over 60 tutors and 40 students, and recently expanded to its third location, Valencia Newcomer School. We are so excited about the possibilities the future holds!

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"How wonderful it is that no one has to wait, but can start right now to gradually change the world! How wonderful it is that everyone, great and small, can immediately help bring about justice by giving of themselves."

— Anne Frank